What is the Lymph System?

The lymph system is a circulation system in your body that removes excess fluid and waste cells from the tissues. It is responsible for removing about 10% of the fluid from your tissue spaces, and it is the system that removes waste proteins.

What Stimulates lymph flow?

· Muscle contraction 

· Pressure (such as the abdominal pressure changes that happen with breathing)

· Peristalis – movement of digestion

· Intrinsic movement (smooth muscle of the lymph system contracts)

· Gravity

· Pulsing arteries

· Increased body temperature, up to 104°

· Stretching lymph vessels lengthwise and diagonal  using manual lymph drainage

 Managing your risk means assisting your system in finding a new balance. This includes opening new pathways, stimulating remaining pathways, understanding when you are stimulating increased flow and giving your body the time and support it needs.  

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Beginning Lymph Health